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Digital Transformation

  • Change management is a huge part of digital transformation
  • Digital transformation is the cultural, organizational and operational change of an organization, industry or ecosystem through a smart integration of digital technologies, processes and competencies across all levels and functions in a staged and strategic way
  • It’s about value, people, optimization and the capability to rapidly adapt to changing dimensions of competetive markets
  • IFIN's experience and expertise strongly believes digital transformation that is driven by intelligence, both human and artificial, becomes the foundation for the future of digital leadership

Four Pillars of Digital Transformation:

Data Science

AI and machine learning



  • The pace of change is accelerating. IFIN helps customers deliver first-rate experiences using the Digital Transformation handle with current and future shifts in mind
  • We build transformation services across Business Processes, Organizational Activities, Competencies & Models

Our Sample Digital Journey for a Customer encompasses the below facets




Game Changing

IFIN is a strong believer in the power of technology for futuristic growth & excellence

  • IFIN poised to deliver all the hypercritical capabilities which your data-driven business needs
  • Our offering spans pilot projects to a fully customizable AI platform which can seamlessly integrate with on-demand digital initiatives
  • We adopt a enterprise-focused approach in engineering the AI & Data solutions
We perform the below typical phases for Data Analytics Solution
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Preparation
  • Model Designing
  • Model Building
  • Optimize & Continuous Improvement
  • Operationalization
We have mastered AI & ML to solve the challenging use cases across multiple industrial segments
  • Chat Bot for every Industry Functionary
  • Knowledge Management
  • NLP
  • Fraud Detection
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Neural Networks & Deep Learning
  • Augmented Analytics
  • No-Code AI
  • AI-powered Automation

Salesforce CRM Overview

Our Team drives innovation for clients and helps them transform into digital enterprises by leveraging Salesforce.com’s cloud-based Solutions

KEY Accomplishments

  • Successful track record in planning and delivering complex Salesforce.com projects involving multiple countries, multicurrency and multilingual scenarios
  • Implemented several projects on Sales, Marketing and Service cloud
  • Implementation, Custom development and integration with on premise / other legacy systems and third- party tools.
  • Strong domain expertise across different verticals enabling us to provide advisory services for customers looking to leverage the cloud and Salesforce.com for their specific business objectives.
  • Delivering across the entire salesforce.com lifecycle, including strategy, planning, development, deployment, support and maintenance using a value cost/engagement model.
  • Applying reusable methods, accelerators and other proprietary assets to accelerate Salesforce implementations and mitigate delivery


  • Increase in Partners’ Sales & Sales Revenue
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Marketing Campaign ROI
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Effective Utilization of Sales Teams

Sales Force Practice Services

Domain Advisory Services

Our Salesforce Advisory services aim to help you maximize your Salesforce ROI to drive sales, boost productivity and improve customer service – while cutting down operational costs and time-to-market. Team have the inherent knowledge of Salesforce to identify and enable many features of Salesforce to empower and satisfy your customers.

Data Analytics and Migration

Streamline operations and deliver superior customer experiences by leveraging enterprise data and einstein analytics. Read and modify the data in a productive way according to the suitability of your business models. We offer migration framework to integrate data from multiple applications.

Managed Services

From transition to support, we are well equipped with set of tools, templates, processes and a tailored service catalog to ensure a hassle free BAU. We thrive in bringing Operational efficiency to significantly reduce OpEx enabling you to focus on Transformation projects.

Automation Driven Salesforce Testing

Our testing experts can help you build and maintain a proven test strategy to ensure lasting success for your Salesforce implementation. Team has developed a comprehensive repository of automated and manual test cases along with a robust test automation framework to ensure that we deliver the best services characterized by unmatched quality and faster turnaround time.

Center of Excellence

Our Highly skilled/certified architects and consultants can help to setup a Salesforce Center of Excellence, paralleled with our CoE to drive best practices and innovation. Innovation is key in all our transformations, and is well-driven by our CoE, ensuring adherence to Salesforce Governance and Best Practices, for a robust and highly scalable solution.

Knowledge Repository

We codify best-practices, tools, process aids, and accelerators of successful projects in a centralized repository. This encourages knowledge sharing and enhances competencies, thereby boosting efficiency. We also have dedicated groups to research the latest offerings and releases from Salesforce.

Domain Advisory Services

  • Extensive team of Domain experts to understand varied business needs across verticals and advise the right solution fit using the Salesforce platform.
  • Perform proper requirements investigation by working with the customer stake holders and coming up with the right business blue print (BBP).
  • Augmented by a team of experienced Salesforce consultants, developers and administrators including Cloud, Mobile and Social technology expertise to deliver the right solution on time and within budget

SFDC competency

Data Migration Approach

We follow the three step approach for data migration to CRM

Review Data and Prepare Destination Org
  • Data Format Review
  • Design Data Mappings
  • Assess Data Migration Tools
  • Define required validations
Complete and Verify a Test Migration
  • Migrate a subset of data into a Sandbox
  • Validate data, identify and fix issues
  • Migrate a full set of data into a Sandbox
  • Record Exceptions & Build Strategy
Migrate and Validate Data
  • Upload the data
  • Validate the data
  • Handle Exceptions
  • Build key metrics

MSP - Salesforce Support Services

Proactive Monitoring

Proactively monitor Salesforce implementation, identify areas of improvement, recommend courses of action, develop best practices, and create an improvement plan

Persistent Administration

Ongoing administration and maintenance services comprising user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance

System Enhancements

Provide on-going support for applications by working on enhancements, change requests and Integration with third party systems

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive training and help desk support services to ensure high end-user adoption

Integration Solutions

Our Integration with Salesforce is one great way to surface various applications inside Salesforce with little redesign of each individual app. It provides the users a single point of entry into multiple applications. Using Salesforce Open API's, it doesn't require much coding at Salesforce end.

Proactive Monitoring - SFDC Health Check

Persistent Maintenance and System Enhancements – SFDC

  • Incident Management
  • RCA Management
  • Batch Job/Integration Monitoring
  • Security Certificate Updates
  • Salesforce Upgrades like TLS 1.0 disablement
  • Salesforce Release Updates
  • DR Exercise
  • QA Refresh
  • Application Bugs Initial Analysis
Catalog Requests
  • User Creation/ Deactivation/ Update
  • Data Load/Update Activities
  • User Accessibility Changes
  • Add/Remove Picklist Values
  • Modify Page Layouts
  • Modify Reports
  • List View Creation/Modification
  • Report/Dashboard Folder Access
  • Report Type Modification
M/E Requests
  • Code Changes
  • Schema Changes
  • Add New Page Layouts
  • Add/Modify Workflow Rules
  • Add/Modify Validation Rules
  • Add/Modify Sharing Rules
  • New Report Type
  • New Profiles
  • New Button/Links
Application Support & Maintenance
  • Operational Items such as Incidents and Catalog Requests are reported under Operations.
  • CMR process is being followed for all the M&E Requests such as Enhancements and Bug Fixes.
  • Root Cause analysis is done for all the high priority incidents (P1 & P2 ) and the same is attached to the incident management tool.

MSP Process Flow with SFDC & Tools

Testing Cloud Based Applications using Automation Framework

IFIN Global have built up expertise and specialist Domain Knowledge to impart Creative, Smart & Effective Testing Techniques, Methodologies that can help our customers achieve Reliable, Predictable Deployment & Release Readiness

  • IFIN Global brings in thought leadership to address all the Testing services beginning from strategic (Testing Policies, Standards, Skill Competencies, Testing Organizational Structure, Business operating model, etc.) to operational like Process Maturity Assessment, Metrics and Reporting
  • IFIN Global's Testing Team possess deep Investment, Asset Management sector prowess
  • IFIN Global's dedicated testing professionals with asset and investment knowledge deliver compelling testing solutions to our customers.
  • We understand the language that you speak and the environment that you operate in and are perfectly positioned to ensure that you adopt the most effective approach to testing and quality assurance to meet your project objectives
Our Typical Testing Services
  • Building Feature and Functionality level test packs around COTS products
  • Provide Overall Test Strategy and End-to-End Test Coverage to improve Quality and reduce Test Cycle Time
  • Develop complete Automated Regression Suite – reduce regression efforts and cycle time
  • Carry out Performance Testing for Key Applications and improve User Experience
  • Conscious Usage of Artificial Intelligence for Testing the Quality of Enterprise Applications
  • Engineering Audit and Improvements
  • RPA - Robotic Process Automation
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing

Our Testing Center of Excellence

Benefits to our Customers:
  • Increased unique test case scenarios brought about better code coverage
  • Faster time to market with a standardised, effective and efficient testing processes
  • Reduced Total Cost of Testing
  • Increased Quality & Predictability
  • Time spent in regression was reduced due to a test suite created from the regression test packs
  • Decrease in post-production issues / bugs due to effective use of proven testing methodologies that reduced the overall testing cycle
  • Experienced in Agile Engagements with methodologies
    • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
    • Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)

Our Metrics & Measurement Strategy adhering to "Shift Left" Strategy

Cyber Security

  • Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information
  • Cybersecurity is important because government, military, corporate, financial, and medical organizations collect, process, and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers, servers and other devices
  • A significant portion of that data can be sensitive information, whether that be intellectual property, financial data, personal information, or other types of data for which unauthorized access or exposure could have negative consequences
  • Enterprises transmit sensitive data across networks and to other devices in the course of doing businesses, and cyber security describes the discipline dedicated to protecting that information and the systems used to process or store it.
  • As the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks grow, companies and organizations, especially those that are tasked with safeguarding information relating to national security, health, or financial records, need to take steps to protect their sensitive business and personnel information

Major areas in cyber security

Application Security

Data Security

Disaster recovery

Network Security

Endpoint security

Identity management

Database & Infrastructure security

Cloud Security

Mobile security

  • As per a renowed Global Research, mobile device security will be the fastest-growing cyber-security category of all, attaining a 17% CAGR between 2019 and 2025, reaching $13 billion
  • 55% of Enterprise Executives plan to increase their Cybersecurity budgets in 2021 and 51% are adding Full-time Cyber staff in 2021
  • Cybersecurity is going to be strikingly business critical in the current scenario and even in the upcoming years to come
  • IFIN Cybersecurity Practice is governed by a excellent team of Cybersecurity Stalwarts, Leaders & Ethical Hackers who can propose, provide & implement the right mixture of cybersecurity solutions challenging businesses
  • Cybersecurity problems range from things such as granular as out-of-date software to large-scale struggles. Few of them are listed here
  • Recognizing that you are a target - DDoS, Phishing Scams & Internal Misuse
  • Underfunded Cybersecurity Teams -
  • Missing Security Patches - Malware, Physical Card Skimmers
  • Lax email security -
  • Losing sight of the ‘backup plan’ - Data Breaches
  • BYOD Threats
  • Lack of a corporate security program
  • Treating cyber security like an IT issue instead of a financial issue

Beyond monetary concerns, a cyber breach can also ruin intangibles, such as a company’s reputation or customer goodwill

Our Cybersecurity CoE will mitigate the challenges & problems posed by cyber threats for businesses across the complete spectrum We offer not just solutions but also provided the needed awareness and continuous training for teams small to big , either technical or non-technical in a company

We also offer Virtual SOC-as-a-Service, Customized Security & relentless monitoring

Our Threat Analytics Portal provides the relevant cyber Risk Score

We act as your proxy cybersecurity team to provide the Expansive, Rigorous & Responsive solutions with Insightful, Transaparent & Strategic pattern

Enterprice Information Management

IFIN GLobal's professional services enable you to get the most out of your OpenText, SDL, Lucidworks solutions and can cover you from project inception all the way to maintaining your deployed solution, depending on your organization's unique requirements. We provide services to create mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms.


Ready to move forward on your new content or e-commerce platform? Time is of the essence to realize value. We’ve got implementations down pat. Already up and running but still not hitting on all cylinders? Re-implementations are in our wheelhouse too.


Technology upgrades are essential to taking advantage of the latest features of solutions. Ensure upgrades are efficient, smooth and your team is trained on how to best leverage new capabilities.


Moving from one platform to another? When it comes to content, e-commerce or site search migrations, you want it to be a change for the better, a smooth transition, and done correctly. Sometimes the best path forward can be phased as well. Let us help make the process smooth (and profitable).

Managed Services

Rigid maintenance plans can be both costly and have long term contracts. How about some flexibility that fits your needs? IFIN Global offers managed service plans that actually fit the dynamic business environment of today.

Mobile Development

We provide solutions that translate the fast changing enterprise needs into end user oriented Android applications with state-of-the-art user experiences. With our passion for the technology and technical expertise, we can help you build iOS apps that can add value to your business and take care of your brand positioning.

Product Engineering

Product Engineering Services help clients in Transforming their Design, Development, and Engineering Approach and Capabilities for the digital world. Propel your Product Development and bring business Agility. Product Development Solutions with Product Architecture and Design Consulting and Next Generation Scalable Design Operations.

Our SAP Consulting Services

IFIN Talent provides Strategy, Global consulting and advisory services; ranging from project implementation, production support and application management of the SAP platform. IFIN Talent provides SAP Consulting under the stewardship of seasoned industry and SAP Line of Business experts, providing your business with best SAP Practices in the areas of SAP Functional, Technical, Support and Consulting services

Boost your business transformation with our SAP consulting services

SAP Technical Services

Highly expert technical team, that works efficiently to handle all the technical needs that arise at your organization to enhance the organizational growth

SAP Fiori & UI5

Enhance your application user experience and performance using Fiori. Increase your content layers and expand your app with ease using this wonderful technology.

SAP Implementation, Rollout Upgrade & Support

Highly capable SAP solution provider for implementation, rollout, upgrade, and support solutions efficiently to augment your business.

SAP Functional Services

Our functional consultants specialize in each of the major SAP modules and we can help you effectively map your company's business processes to SAP's best practices and all innovative methodology provided by SAP. Working closely with your team, we will design, implement a secure, stable and available SAP Architecture and provide expert administration to manage it. Our team includes consultants who have experience in handling implementation and support project for customers.

We offer comprehensive SAP Consulting, Implementation and Support services in for R/3 and S/4HANA:

  • Material Management (MM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Finance & Controlling (FI/CO)
  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Project Systems (PS)
  • Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • Quality Management (QM)
  • Human Resource (HR)
  • Warehouse Management (WM)
SAP S4 Hana

SAP S4 HANA solutions supports the most important business scenarios you need to run your company, from finance to procurement to manufacturing and supply chain. Plan your resources systematically by having your business database well secured, stored and maintained through S4 Hana and accelerate your enterprise processes.

SAP SuccessFactors Services

Leverage our team of experienced and certified SAP SuccessFactors Consultants and SME’s for everything from process optimization, implementation, training and on-going support

SAP Support Services

Application Management Services (AMS)
This service provides comprehensive SAP functional and business process related support, along with our client support for daily operations

Operational Services
We offer full range of SAP system maintenance capabilities, covering the provisioning and operation of modern data centers, the necessary IT infrastructure, and the administration and maintenance of SAP and IT-related applications

Service Management
Our clients benefit from the efficiency of individually assigned Service Teams, delivering the agreed services. A dedicated Service Manager coordinates the delivery of the agreed services per SLAs, provides transparent reporting of all activities and KPIs, and represents the client and their business needs.