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Our varied experience & expertise addresses the complex workforce challenges organizations encounter today from Permanent and Contigent recruitment to talent management, RPO Services, IT Staff Augmentation and Global Talent Solutions

"Global Workforce is on Agility mode"

  • Full Circle Workforce Solutions
  • We are Passionate and committed to deliver outcome-driven Global workforce solutions
  • IFIN Global's Full Circle Workforce Solutions can discover and deliver
  • Our expert search consultants

Talent CUBE

  • C -- Cost Savings
  • U -- Unlimited Vetted Candidates
  • B -- Best Talent on Time
  • E -- Expert Technology & Strategy

Register with us for full circle workforce services and reap all the benefits of our Talent CUBE

RPO Services

  • Our RPO services feature an industry-best blend of people and technology to keep your business agile and equipped with the best for whatever your market demands next
  • Our experienced professionals drive mission-critical initiatives tailored to your specific objectives and organizational style.
  • Our expert advisors collaborate with your team to build a metrics-driven recruitment process that aligns with your organization’s business strategy and hiring goals.

Full Circle RPO

  • IFIN Global's Talent Center handles Customer's entire hiring process starting from full-time employees, from requisition open through candidate onboarding – across the business, or for particular functions or locations.
  • We cover all aspects of the hiring process and ensure that your organization's talent strategy aligns with your business goals.

Fusion RPO

  • Our Fusion RPO solution leverages the strengths of both your internal HR team and IFIN Global's team of expert advisors.
  • Our best-in-class consultants amplify your internal talent acquisition team capabilities and together bring success to your efforts.
  • We cover complete gamut of the recruitment process starting from requisition intake to candidate sourcing, screening, engagement, onboarding – and everything in between.
  • We always work cohesively with you to design the most acceptable solution that augments or elevates your existing processes and resources to optimize your full-time talent acquisition needs

Project RPO

Our project-based RPO solution provides on-demand support to meet your critical, growing or unexpected hiring needs.

Our Talent Experts will provide the required Staffing Needs for

  • A Specific Skill Set
  • A Specific Business Function
  • Volume Based Hiring
  • Adding a New Work Location
  • Adding a New Business Practice

IT staff Augmentation

  • Our IT staff augmentation services are available for every type of project. No matter how simple or complex: from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile or web applications, testing and systems management.
  • IFIN Global’s services are a proven, reliable and cost-effective way for our clients to increase the size and productivity of their internal development teams in minimal time. Comprised of Best of IT Professionals that integrate with your current workflow, our dedicated resources are the best option to rapidly build up a conveniently located, highly qualified, creative, and experienced team.
  • IFIN provides all the roles needed to complete the team you require. Management is conducted jointly by IFIN Scrum Master / Engineering Manager and Client’s Product Owner.
  • The augmented team works autonomously, but communicates and reports status as often as requested by you. Using the Agile Methodology, it relies heavily on feedback and discoveries made during testing to shape its design and functions.
  • Applying the highest skilled talent through the augmented team approach, IFIN’s Teams can start delivering technology solutions and value immediately since teams are quickly formed to implement and execute agreed plans.

Offshore Development Center

  • Gain a competitive edge for your business through our offshore/near shore Development center models
  • With our services, mitigate challenges of Communication, Transparency, Project Management, Knowledge Retention, Escalated Costs, Skill Set Availability
  • Our operating models include:
    • Build, Operate & Transfer
    • Team Augmentation
    • Dedicated Exclusive Zone
  • What makes us the best choice?
    • Niche Skills
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Significant Cost Savings
    • Client Owns the Project
    • Focussed & Dedicated Professionals
    • Ability to Ramp Up/Down Quickly

Global Mobility

  • As our world becomes more connected, the need for Global Workforce Mobility is increasing.
  • Our passion to match right talent with right opportunity at the right time makes us experts at this.
  • The world’s markets are constantly evolving, and regulatory requirements, particularly regarding employees, are growing increasingly complex.
  • Our global presence makes the process simpler for you.
  • IFIN Global's value driven practices come with a blend of experience, expertise, technology and wisdom.
  • We thrive and strive to be the customer's companion in their journey of business
  • 87% of HR professionals reported “few or no qualified applicants" for the positions they were trying to fill
  • IFIN Global's Expert Team of Recruiters & Researchers will help to win the uphill battle with our curated Talent Pools proactively
  • Our continuous and delegated candidate engagement approaches are a key to success for our esteemed customers